March 7, 2008

Speed up your Blogger page load time by compressing CSS

There are many reasons for increasing the page load time of a blogger or a web site. For example flash content or too many images takes longer time to load a page in a browser. Another very important reason is messy CSS file of your blog or site. That is more lines of code in your template takes longer time to load in a browser.[CSS code determines your blog’s entire style which lies in between <b:skin> and </b:skin> in the case of blogger.]
What is a messy CSS file? CSS file with multiple spaces, space around character like :{}:, multiple empty lines, space between selectors, unnecessary semi colons, etc causes an increase in your blog’s page loading time.
So it is the time to optimize your template. Just copy and paste your CSS file at CSS Drive. last year I published an article about it, now it comes with some bugs fixed. This online tool compresses your CSS file in to a smaller unit.
In the case of Blogger copy and paste the whole code that lies in between <b:skin> and </b:skin>.Remember to back up your template before doing this. Just choose a normal method (or liter or super compact) to compress the CSS file. Thanks to David

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