April 1, 2008

PC Tools Threatfire for free download

ThreatFire is dramatically different to traditional antivirus software. Normal antivirus software usually need to have first identified and seen a threat before they can provide adequate protection against it. The protection is then provided via a signature or fingerprint update, which must first be written by an antivirus researcher. This creates a large window of time where threats are undetected and can therefore infect your computer even when you have antivirus software installed.ThreatFire continually protects your PC against attacks by detecting malicious behavior, such as capturing your keystrokes or stealing your data, instead of only looking for known threats like normal antivirus software. By implementing sophisticated real-time behavioral analysis ThreatFire is able to stop never- before-seen "zero-day" threats solely by detecting their malicious activity.
Zero-day threats are usually designed to take advantage of new vulnerabilities or exploits that are currently unprotected by traditional security products. They are usually distributed in huge quantities very quickly by mass email (SPAM), website hijacks, instant messaging or over peer-to-peer networks. Because they are undetectable they are able to wreak havoc and compromise your PC even when you have up-to-date antivirus software installed.
Features of TreatFire:
  • Comprehensive protection against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers & buffer overflows
  • Real-time malware detection - no signatures required
  • Immediately & permanently shuts down destructive processes
  • Automatic updates
  • ThreatFire reporting and protection statistics
  • Home and business use
  • Malware quarantine & removal
  • Rootkit scanner - ability to schedule and customize
  • Advanced custom rules settings, fully configurable
  • Built-in web search for additional information on threats
  • Free telephone and online support

Following options available only in Pro version
  • AntiVirus engine with signature updates
  • On-demand scanning of your entire PC for known threats
Platform: Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / 2003
Latest Version Download / Developer page

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