May 17, 2008

Make your own Gnu / Linux Identity Card

Here is an interesting project where you can create your own Ubuntu family identity card as shown one below and spread the world about this free Operating system.This is a set of predefined cards that can be configured to exactly with your picture and your data and that can be print on paper, but if you can in a plastic would be much better because it seemed more real.
The designer is Fabian Flores who has made these cards, which are really supported by Ubuntu and you can configure to your liking. There are several types of cards, but to customize your own, you have to use Gimp.
The steps are as follows:
>> Download the card that you liked from F-webdesign and decompress the file
>>With Gimp follow the steps below:
1) adjusts the image to use as a photo of the ID with a resolution 148px by 148x and save
2) Open the image "Ubuntu ID Master"
3) Now insert the picture you created for ID.
4) Use the text tool to create the text layers
5) save preferably in PNG.
Download [source]


  1. Thanks for this information. Now I want to creata my own Identity card. I'd like to publish it on my weblog. I found this resource ( IC ) on a magazine, specifically: GUbuntu. Greeting!

  2. stumbled upon by googling.... thanks for informing :) going to make myself one :P