May 13, 2008

vLite – Makes Windows Vista run on computers with less memory

Vlite allows you to create a custom installation of the Windows Vista operating system like nLite for Windows XP. As we know, Windows Vista takes lot of resources and required a reasonable system to operate it. vLite provides you with an easy removal of the unwanted components before installing the OS in order to make Vista run faster and to your liking.This tool doesn't use any kind of hacking, all files and registry entries are protected as they would be if you install the unedited version only with the changes you select.
vLite has lot of options. You can remove programs and applications and even implement simple "tricks" to improve the stability and functionality of Windows Vista. The usage of this program is recommended for all those who want to streamline Windows Vista to make it work on old computers with little RAM.
Main features of this application are:
    1. hotfix, language pack and driver integration
    2. component removal
    3. unattended setup tweaks
    4. split/merge Vista installation CDs
    5. create ISO and burn bootable CD/DVD
License: Free / Download

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  1. Great post. I think vLite makes all old computers to run Vista