July 20, 2008

Extension for Windows – Modular upgrade system for Windows XP and Vista

Extensions for Windows provide a variety of very useful functions which Microsoft is only just starting to integrate into Windows. They have also done a great job of assuring that the appearance of the application fits well within the existing Windows interface.
According to Extensoft's homepage, 'Extensions is the first community driven, modular upgrade for Windows XP and Vista. In fact, the software contains a number of new features, many of which Windows users have long hoped for as part of the operating system'.
Some of the tools, like the Task Manager Extension, will be indispensable after only a few hours of use. The ability to monitor the computer's activities in detail with only a glance, or to see which programs are accessing the Internet of the network, is very practical.Details...
The same is true of other extensions, which seem to have been selected so well that almost every Windows user will find a use for them. If the concept gains broad support, we will probably soon start seeing more enhancements for Windows. The only condition is that the program be priced attractively -- at best, freeRemember the product has been in limited public beta testing. Free Beta 2 Licenses are still available. Just register your name and email to get a Product key and Download link. Hurry up the offer may expire very soon.(source)

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