July 9, 2008

FREE Windows Vista SP1, Adobe Photoshop CS3 and VMWare Workstation License key

Do you like to have FREE Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade with SP1, Adobe Photoshop CS3 and VMWare Workstation? There is an exciting offer at Bastillwork.net where you can grab these wonderful software licenses for FREE in this July(legitimately).
In this exciting offer following products includes:
1.Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate UPGRADE with Service Pack 1
2.Adobe Photoshop CS3
3.VMWare Workstation 6
But there are some conditions that you need to do to grab these free licenses.
1. For Website owners and Bloggers, write an article about the offer (or their services) on your site; be sure to link to them from this article, Subscribe to Bastillwork.net website for updates via email, and Stumble the article with your comment.
2. For other: Write at least five quality reviews (or comments) for five distinct software listed in their website (Be sure to write quality review, they will check after you submit it), Subscribe to their website for updates via email, Stumble the article with your comment.
After you have finished send an email to admin@bastillwork.net from the same email you used to subscribe to their RSS feed.
They will send the license to your email after 48 hours. Note that these are legitimate license keys. You need to download the application .
However I haven’t tried it yet.
For further information / [Via – michaelaulia]


  1. Thank you for sharing this tips.

  2. It is great!!!!

  3. Wow! great info..Thanks a lot

  4. Ok, seriously looking that

  5. Hello all, has anyone managed to get this offer

  6. Well I got my Kaspersky Internet Security 6 license from them before. Seems legit so far