July 9, 2008

Next Generation Antivirus Technology for your Personal Data Protection

With around 80% of virus attacks happening at the web application layer you need to ensure that you are fully protected from attack. Traditional security software’s are using virus signature updates for protecting you from the new threats, but do they really keep up with the speedy rise in malicious code?
DriveSentry is the next generation Security 2.0 antivirus technology providing personal data protection for your computer which ensures that you are safe from the rapidly growing number of Trojans, worms, viruses and all the other “nasties” out there in the wild. Collectively known as malware, these ‘nasties’ could easily ruin your day, your computer or even empty your bank account!
DriveSentry takes a different approach to conventional antivirus software and adopts a unique white listing technology which combines its database of known threats with it database of known “trusted” programs and its online Advisor Community statistics, to ensure that users are protected against the known and the unknown treats.
Key Features:
  • DriveSentry is the new generation antivirus product providing security 2.0 protections, allowing you to protect and control access to your folders, files and system settings.
  • It can protect all drives including all removable storage devices attached to your computer - Flash drive, SD cards,iPODs, memory cards, media players, mobile phones, digital camera media and removable PDA memory.
  • Automates write access decisions, minimizing pop up notifications.
  • Only allow trusted programs to write to your protected items preventing damage from zero day threats which go undetected by conventional antivirus software
  • “tri-security” technology (good programs, bad programs, and Advisor community information) to protect your drives and automate write access decisions.
  • Over 1 million unique malware signatures in database enabling effective offline protection and automation of write access decisions.
  • Scans the content of files to check for malware before allowing them to write to your drives.
  • Automatically blocks and quarantines known viruses, Trojans, and malware code.
  • DriveSentry enables the immediate scanning of files, folders and drives for over 1 million malware files held in their Advisor database.
File size 1.5MB / License: FREE / Download / Home Page
DriveSentry 3.1 supports Window 2000/XP/2003/Vista

(Via – Vongsk)

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