August 6, 2008

NovaShield – Behavior based anti- malware software for 3 month trial

NovaShield – the leader in Anti-malware technology has released its latest behavior based anti-malware software for Windows XP and Vista. This new generation security software protects you from the sophisticated emerging threats of malware like Trojans, botnets, rootkits, and keyloggers in addition to the traditional threats of viruses, worms, and spyware.
The NovaShield approach of specification based monitoring detects malicious programs on your computer based on their behavior. Unlike traditional signature based scanning programs, NovaShield looks at what a program does rather than attempting to recognize some pattern or "signature" in the program's code. So you need not require frequent updates for detecting new generation of malicious codes.
NovaShield monitors the file, registry, process, and network events on your computer and compares the results to internal policies. If a program performs actions that match a description of malicious behavior, an alert will be raised which results in the program immediately being stopped and then removed from your computer (quarantined). It will also clean up any new files or registry keys installed by the malicious program.
Features of NovaShield Anti malware
  • Protection against unknown threats: NovaShield protects against threats that have not been seen before, a challenging task that traditional signature based anti-malware products cannot do.
  • NovaShield reduces the risk of your computer being infected with malware, and protectsyou against threats such as identity theft.
  • Protection against emerging threats: NovaShield protects against the looming threats of rootkits, keyloggers, and botnets that may be too sophisticated to be detected from signature scanning.
  • Remediation: NovaShield monitors file system and registry activity as part of its detection engine. If a threat is discovered, NovaShield knows exactly what files and registry items it created and can remove these byproducts in addition to removing the threat itself.
  • Lightweight: NovaShield is lightweight in its use of system resources and will not slow down your computer or consume lots of memory.
  • No need for daily updates: Because NovaShield uses policies that detect behavior rather than detecting patterns of byte code, it does not require daily updates. NovaShield receives updates only for patches and the addition of policies that recognize new types of malicious behavior.
Note - Anti-Virus products do a good job of protecting against known malware, but are not able to fully protect you against the rising tide of malware variants that are being generated everyday by hackers to infect your computer.
Support Windows XP / Vista
File size: 3Mb / Download

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