January 15, 2007


Google Web accelerator

This application has been speed up your internet connection. Google tells us that dialup users “may not see much of an improvement”, and it is optimized for broadband connections.

How does it work?

First, frequently visited pages are stored on Google servers, so they can be dished up faster: there are dedicated servers for Google web accelerator. Then, some pages might be prefetched on to your computer in the anticipation that you will visit them. And, web data is compressed before it is send to your computer.

When you download and install the application, it sits in your system tray, and you can start or stop it from there. In preference, you have the option of choosing dialup, DSL, and so on.

The big question: Dose it work? It seemed to improve the speed for some sites.

Even if you are on dialup, download it and give it a try. After you have used it for a while, remember there is an option in the system tray menu that tells you how much time you have saved using the application. When you see that figure go in to the hours, you know the application work


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