January 15, 2007

Speed up internet access

This teak may help you to increase internet access speed in Windows XP?
By default, all Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP releases allow only up to 9600bps on all ports: COM1 – COM9.[BIOS ports(hardware)COM2 – COM4, virtual(emulated)Ports COM5 – COM9]

These settings enable serial (analogue) modem throughput over 9600bps, to possibly speed up internet access.



Modify the default string value of the port. For example, COM1 is “9600, n, 8, 1” by default; you can modify it to “921600, n, 8, 1, p”

IMPORTANT: Do this ONLY IF using dialup (analogue) modems (eg.56k,ISDN) connected ONLY to a serial port(COM1-COM9) NOT IF using DSL, Cable, Satellite, CNR, USB or Network (digital)modems!. If using internal modems located in the communication Networking Riser (CNR) slot, do NOT use these settings! Such cards are incompatible with these settings.

(Don’t expect your internet access speeds to improve-if they do, well and good)

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