January 28, 2007

Data recover software for hard drive

There have been a lot of instances when you have been accidentally deleted important file which was unrecoverable. To many users this is most definitely an end of the world scenario. But there is always a ray of hope no matter how grim the situation is which is where file recovery software fits in. Recover my files 3.98 is an application that can help such dire circumstances.

Recover my file can recover deleted files and data from formatted or corrupt drives. It is capable of working with all kinds of storage devices such as Hard drives, USB drives, Memory cards, etc. It supports recovery for hundreds of files types; these are divided in to six sections namely graphics, documents, archives, multimedia, e mail and data base. Some of the files supported are Microsoft office specific files, Outlook express, SQL, AutoCAD, JPEG TIFF, MPEG, and AVI so on.

Using this application is simple, when the application starts, a wizard pops up, wherein you selected the function that need to be performed. There are four options on offer. As you click on each option you will find an explanation pertaining to that option. The first is ‘Fast file search’, which allows you to find any recently deleted document .If you want an intensive search to be performed ,select ‘complete file search’. The other two options are ‘fast format recover’ and ‘complete format recover’. As the name suggest, both these options are capable of recovering formatted drives. Out of two, the latter perform an intensive search

Once it scans your drive for the desired files, it displays a list where you select the required file and save it. It is capable of recovering data efficiently as it searches every sector of your hard disk. It also has a built in CD and DVD burning support to save your recovered files .Overall it is an ideal choice for users who work within confidential data.

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