January 3, 2008

The best screen capture software - Snagit for free download

This is not a brand new post; many popular blogs and forums are already posted about it. However I given it here for my readers only because this is a grate tool in its category- screen capturing and is free (version 7.2.5).

SnagIt is a powerful tool to capture anything on your screen even flash content that others failed.

Feature includes:-

>> Capture exactly what you see on your screen like image, Web page, or contents of a scrolling window etc.

>>Save in to many format- pdf, png, gif, swf etc.

>> Snagit’s Editor is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to edit the captured content.

>> You can embed Flash videos (.swf) into slides.

Snagit provides you its earlier version (7.2.5) for free download (Current version 8.2.3) and is enough to handle all of your custom capture requirements.

Download SnagIt version 7.2.5 from any of the following location (11Mb)

  1. Techsmit’s ftp server
  2. From Oldaps.com

Register at Techsmith from here to get software key.

>>You will get additional information from Digital Inspiration

>>Other details like installation, discussion about software key etc from Fatwallet forum.

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