January 10, 2007


Saving Videos from Web

When you surf Youtube, Yahoo, Google or Ifilm for embedded videos, should you think to save them on to your PC? There is no straight method to transfer video to your pc hard drive. They only are played in the browser you use. The save option is not present in the context menu for you selected. Video clips also have copyrights. In a scenario of content theft every where there is every reason for content providers for to stamp their product .But there are users who might not have always on access to the internet and who might want to share these video clips with no intension of pilfering them, here is some solution for Firefox users. Depending on the use the best plug in for download video and audio files is VideoDownloader. You can get the tool from http://addons.mozilla.org/firef x/2390.You can also get it from www.videodownloader.net. After installing add-ons, restart Firefox. You will now find a small icon on the right side of the browsers status bar. Play the embedded video from any site, example Youtube, and click on the icon for VideoDownloader in the status bar of the browser or in the playback window. A new dialogue box displayed providing you the option of saving file on the hard disk.

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