February 21, 2007

A Browser- not for all

Orphne is an internet browser based on Mozilla engine that was especially designed for adult material viewing. It comes under GPL (General Public License) license stipulations and already reached 0.3 versions.

The browser starts with the obsolete warning which ends with ENTER/NOT 18, EXIT. Not that they know the user's age. But at least they've done it by the book, giving the legal form for this.

Orphne has a simple and intuitive interface. It consists of two main areas, the larger one in the left side. This is where all the content will be displayed. Just enter any keyword in the search area to search.

The browse is 15Mb big and no need to install, just unzip and copy in a folder and double click on Orphne.

The Browser can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/

Warning: I am not responsible for your actions under the influence of this material. You must read the producer's legal notes and obey them. I am only intended to reveal a new browser.

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