February 17, 2007

Internet Explorer 7-The first browser supports EV SSL Cirtificate.

Microsoft revealed that Support for Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates has been enabled in Internet Explorer 7, at the RSA Conference 2007.

In this context, IE7 becomes the first browser to deliver support for Extended Validation SSL Certificates.

The EV SSL Certificates are the next step of Secure Socket Layer Certificates, delivering not only encryption, but also a standard for identity.

“Back in November, we announced our intention to bring Extended Validation SSL Certificates to IE7. This week at RSA we’ve announced that IE7’s EV SSL support is now live! Many Certification Authorities (CAs), including VeriSign, CyberTrust, Entrust and Go Daddy, are already issuing EV SSL Certificates. We are already seeing businesses such as eBay, PayPal, Charles Schwab, Overstock.com , French Soaps and Stardock) beginning to use EV to offer verified identity information to their users,” said Jeremy Dallman, IE Program Manager.

Support for Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates in Internet Explorer 7 is a result of Microsoft's collaboration with the top certification authorities to deliver a verification mechanism that would attest the identity of a website's owner.

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