February 27, 2007

Microsoft announces 6 new tools to migrate to Vista

Microsoft announces availability following six new tools to accelerate migration of businesses to its newly released Windows Vista.

1. Microsoft Solution Accelerator for BDD 2007-which includes user migration tools, remote deployment tools, and integration with other key Microsoft deployment products, such as Systems Management Server 2003. It also integrates to other tools, including ACT 5.0, Windows Vista Hardware Assessment, and Volume Activation 2.0 tools, into the deployment process.

2. Microsoft ACT 5.0 -It helps businesses handle potential application compatibility issues encountered when moving to Vista. It includes a series of compatibility evaluators that lets companies assess whether applications will be compatible with Vista, and, if not, how to resolve conflicts. ACT 5.0 also includes a link to an online community that provides users with updated application assessments and test results not only from Microsoft, but also its partners.

3. Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 1.0 -Which helps businesses to determine which existing PCs can upgrade to Vista and gives them the resources required to complete the process. The tool assesses PC hardware and device compatibility with Vista, and also provides reports with upgrade recommendations for each PC.

4. The Volume Activation Management Tool –This tool enables IT professionals to automate and centrally manage the volume activation process using a Multiple Activation Key (MAK), which requires a one-time communication with Microsoft either independently by each computer or by multiple computers at once.

5. The Key Management Service (KMS)- for Windows Server 2003- provides volume activation technologies so that businesses can activate multiple Vista PCs in their desktop environments.

6. Virtual PC 2007 - A virtualization tool that lets businesses simultaneously run multiple operating systems on a single PC. This allows business customers to move computers to Windows Vista while keeping previous versions of Windows available for those PCs to run custom applications in a virtual environment.

Windows announces these tools to accelerate business community to migration to its new Operating system Vista.

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