February 16, 2007

Skip the OS activation in Windows XP

If you want to re install XP, say after a virus attack or a system crash, you will need to activate XP which is time consuming.

You can skip the activation bit by saving a file that is created after activation. This will save you the activating it after reinstalling the operating system. It is also useful if you have not configured your system to connect to the internet. Do the following:

Open windows explorer and navigate to the following folder (assuming that ‘C’ is your installing partition for windows) C:\windows\system32

Locate the files ‘Wpa.dbl’ and ‘Wpa.bak’.

Save them on a CD, this contains your all backed up data.

When you format and reinstall Windows XP just copy these two files back on to the same folder.

Restart the computer and you will not be prompted to activate your copy of Windows XP

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