March 15, 2007

Access Gmail via Outlook Express

Sending and receiving email through an e-mail client like Outlook Express is pretty easy. Email clients lets you view your e-mails when you are in offline and also let you compose mails without having connected to internet.
Gmail is now open to all (No invitation required) and access trough POP3 is free. It is very easy to configure Outlook express to access Gmail. You need to specify to keep the mail read in Outlook in your Gmail account or delete it.

>Turn on POP access in your Gmail account.

>Open Outlook and select Tools - mail –Add- Click on mail

>Enter your name in the new window that opens up

>Click next. Choose POP3 as the sever type and enter-

>Incoming mail server (POP3) – Type “”

>Outgoing mail server (SMPT) – Type “”

>Click next - Enter Your Gmail address and Your Gmail password

>Click next à Apply à Finish.

>In the window shown double click on

>From the new window click Advanced

(Make sure to check ‘This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)’ under POP3 and SMPT)

>Type 465 under SMPT (Outgoing server)

>Type 995 under POP3 (Incoming server), if it is not automatically changed.

>Click OK à Next à Finish.


  1. alternatively...

    1. go to Settings in Gmail...
    2. Forwarding and POP
    3. click on Configuration settings
    4. Choose your version of Outlook
    5. Run the Auto configuration tool

    This will set it up automatically for you.

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