March 14, 2007

A Map for Safe Sites to Surf from McAfee

Online safety risks are truly a global issue. The security major McAfee in it’s Site Advisor research report dubbed ‘Mapping the Mal Web' analyzed nearly 265 top level domains basis web safety tests and came up with some amazing results.

The level of risk rated in Red for risky sites, Green for secure site (passed all of McAfee's tests) and Yellow for continued to carry some insecure value. 4.1% of all sites tested by SiteAdvisor are rated red or yellow. But the incidence of red and yellow sites varies dramatically across top-level domains, ranging from a low of 0.1% for Finland (.fi) to a high of 10.1% for the tiny island of Tokelau (.tk). The Tokelauan domains offer some advantages to scammers. Detailed report available from Site Adviser Research site

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