March 20, 2007

Firefox Plug in – MacAfee Site Advisor

We should give prime importance to privacy of our information when we search the web. But the greatest hazard to it is the ignorance of the user, especially in case of spy ware.

MacAfee Site Advisor – a plug-in for Firefox tests the safety of different websites and ranks them as safe, questionable, or potentially dangerous.

>Once the tool has been installed, the user will have access to the MacAfee safety rating via a small icon at the bottom of the browser. The button will turn red if the user is visiting a potentially dangerous site. It also displays the ratings next to Google or Yahoo search results (Red – dangerous, Yellow- Questionable, Green Passed tests and white- never tested). So we can avoid unsafe websites before enter in to the site.

>The installation is simple. Visit at to install plug-in and you will get complete information about the installation.

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