March 8, 2007

Power saving tips for laptops

First off all use the power management features of laptop to improve battery life. You can set the device to switch off the LCD screen and hard drive after a set interval of time.

Bright screen consumes a lot of battery power .So reduce screen brightness when you are not connected to the power source.

Close any application you are not using when on battery power. Running application increases CPU utilization which reduces battery life.

External accessories like external optical drive, PC cards and USB key board lights draw power from the notebook. Disconnect such devices when not in use.

Booting the laptop draws more current. When it not connects to a power source, instead of shutting down your laptop in the middle of a conference, choose the suspend mode if you wish to use it again after a short period of time.

Playing graphic intensive games, videos, or music drains the battery quickly. Close such application when on battery.

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