March 29, 2007

Why we are all love Firefox?

I should say Firefox is a simple, cleaner, faster, and highly customizable browser. There are no unwanted features. User interface is simple and doesn’t confuse the user in any way.

Being an open source browser, a strong developer community always is making improvements to the browser, and widely promoting it. This community is also responsible for add-ons, which greatly enhances its core functionality making it most versatile browser. The mozilla community is highly active, and you’ve several extensions to select, though not all are useful.

Coming to security side Firefox has a pop-up blocker and has no support to VB script and activeX which give additional layer of security and we can easily control JavaScript from the tool menu to surf the suspicious site.

Browsing speed is another advantage of Firefox. It fist render the page then get all desired images and files, which cut down the waiting time.

I tried many browsers and all have their own features, but Firefox is the most convenient browser.

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