April 4, 2007

Yahoo Mail made new improvement

Yahoo Mail, the most popular e-mail service provider, received a major improvement. It decided to make it bigger, better and faster. You may know that Yahoo recently announced an update for Yahoo Mail, offering unlimited storage space for all the users. Now the company presents a new pack of updates able to make the product even more powerful by making it bigger, better and faster. Remember that you should switch to new beta version to get the updates.

The first update is infinite storage size and is available for all Yahoo mail users starting from May 2007. Next, now it reduces the loading time, thus allow users to read message faster. Next improvement related to the check boxes placed near the messages that are useful for a huge amount of messages. With this you are able to select, control or organize your email with ease without having to right click on it. Now it is very easily remove the email clutter with this new version.

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