May 30, 2007

Access all your email through Windows desktop mail

Even though in beta stage, Windows live mail desktop is a good tool to access all your email – Hotmail, Yahoo mail or Gmail at one place.

Main features of Windows Live Mail desktop includes Access multiple e-mail accounts at one place, Preview messages in the Reading Pane, Drag, drop, and organize with one click, add photos directly to e-mail messages, and get newsgroup messages and RSS feeds delivered right to your in box.

It is also safer by giving protection from phishing scams and virus scanning. You can block suspicious messages and destroy junk e-mail with a single click.

To configuring the client follow as described.

Download the software from Microsoft and install it. When ask for ‘login’ give your Hotmail address and password - That’s enough to receive your hotmail through Windows Live desktop mail – and finish installation.

To receive other email you need to configure it. For Gmail and Yahoo mail follow the steps below.(for Yahoo mail required premium account)

Open Windows Live desktop mail. From the tool menu select ‘accounts’> add > email account > next. (You can also select ‘Add an email account’ from the left window)

In the pop up window enter your name, email address and your email password on the specified boxes. Select ‘Manually configure server settings, and click next and follow as given below.

Incoming sever – [For yahoo (India) –]

Port – 995 – Check SSL box

Outgoing server – [For yahoo (India) –]

Port – 465 – check SSL box.

Click next and finish.

>>Wimdows Desktop mail

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