June 18, 2007

A Search Visualization tool

SearchCrystal, an online tool that lets you compare, remix and share results from the Web, image, video, blog, tagging, news engines or RSS feeds and enables to see how your site is ranked in the search results of the major search engines and how best to support and enhance their site's web presence in terms of marketing and online advertising.

Still in beta stage, the site makes it possible to explore and filter 50 - 500 web pages, images, videos, and blogs in a single display that guides toward relevant info in a structured way. Information most likely to be relevant is placed close the display center

SearchCrystal also offers you a powerful competitive intelligence tool. You can embed it as a Widget on your site or blog to share personalized crystals, or use it to find out what is popular on Wikipedia or use the Search Analytics Toolbox in your browser as a powerful competitive intelligence tool.

For a try and details visit Searchcrystal

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