September 4, 2007

MooPix for Flickr API

Flickr allows programmers to access certain functionality from outside. That is, by creating an Application Programming Interface (API), Flickr has enabled all kinds of cool-kid; buzzword-compliant ways to show photos without actually going to Flickr.

Most of the Flickr API Kits is that they require you to have your own server running such as PHP, Ruby, Java, or Cold Fusion or a copy of Flash.

With MooPix you can build a simple DHTML page without server dependencies. Instead of server-side code, MooPix uses JavaScript to talk to Flickr in the language of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). MooPix itself basically just formats your request creates the request, and then it's up to you to decide what to do with the response.

Requirement - Mootools 1.1+

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