October 15, 2007

Make photo galleries from your home video

Free Video to JPG Converter is an ideal tool to make photo galleries from your home video. Extracted image quality is good and it is very fast and easy to use.

The installation is simple and the interface is rather simple and self explaining.

Click the button to select an input video file on your computer. And choose a location to save your snapshots (default C:\Temp). Set what video frames you want to save as snapshots. That is every 100th video frame or frames in every 10 seconds or just every frame. (Remember that ‘every frame’ option makes the total size of the extracted images may be bigger than the input file size).

Use the navigation line and ‘trim left’ and ‘trim right’ buttons to select a part of the video to extract. You can make a snapshot of the current cursor position by clicking the ‘Make Snapshot’ button in the left bottom corner of the interface.

License: Free

File size: 4.7Mb

Home page for download

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