October 9, 2007

Monitor bandwidth usage of BSNL DataOne Broadband

DataFox is a Firefox add-on that checks your bandwidth usage of BSNL DataOne and MTNL TriBand broadband internet connection. The progress bar gives you an idea of the amount of bandwidth from your monthly limit already consumed thus control your usage.

The importance of this extension is that you need not take time every day to log in to the usage site to know your bandwidth usage, just click on a button that will show the relevant info in your status bar.

‘DataFox works by obtaining usage information directly from the BSNL / MTNL usage site, it does not monitor your network in any way, so usage details probably won't change until you logout of DataOne / TriBand and log back in again. BSNL users may want to use the Override default domain option in the login dialog in case the BSNL server you are being directed to is not responding. MTNL users, if the usage server is down, DataFox will not be able to fetch any usage records.

DataFox has been tested with Firefox versions 1.5, 2 & 3.

More information, installation and download

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