January 25, 2008

New worm disables Windows Task manager and Update

The latest security news (22 / 1 / 2008) from Trend Micro reveals a new worm (WORM_SILLYFDC.CY) that affects Windows Task manager and Update function, which are the two important functions of Windows. It disables these two functions so the users would not be able to update the system or to check the running processes in order to shut down the infection.
According to Trend Micro, it affects most flavors of the operating system produced by Microsoft, including Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Server 2003 and has a high damage potential.
This worm is dropped by other Malware or can be downloaded unknowingly by a user when visiting malicious Web sites.

It propagates through removable drives or through copies itself in all available physical drives It drops an AUTORUN.INF file to automatically execute dropped copies when the drives are accessed. In addition, it infects files of certain types by adding an iFrame tag that contains a link to a malicious site.

Trend Micro detects the infected files as HTML_IFRAME.JR. The above mentioned site aids this worm in performing its malicious routines.

This worm accesses URLs to download possibly malicious files. As a result, malicious routines of the downloaded files are also exhibited on the affected system.

Visit this link for removing this worm
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