January 25, 2008

UNetbootin- Installing Linux over the internet

UNetbootin is an open source application that allows us to install a variety of Linux distributions over the Internet, without burning a CD or downloading the OS.

Unlike Wubi / Lubi, UNetbootin will create a partitioned dual-boot system as though you installed with a CD. At the same time Wubi installs the OS to a loop mounted file system and create no partition so dual booting is not possible.

This kind of application is suitable for those who want to install a Linux distribution but don't have a CD-R to burn, lack a CD writer, or they want to install on a computer that doesn't have a CD-ROM drive, like an ultra-portable laptop.

UNetbootin uses a Windows or Linux-based installer to install a small modification to the boot loader (bootmgr and bcdedit on Vista, grldr and boot.ini for NT-based systems, grub.exe and config.sys for Win9x, or grub on Linux), uses the bootloader to boot the netboot initrd and kernel, then uses that to download and install Ubuntu directly from the internet, no CD required. After GNU/Linux is installed, the modification to the bootloader is then undone.


  • Linux, or Microsoft Windows 95-Vista
  • A broadband internet connection (dial-up will take way too long to download)
  • 3GB or more of spare hard drive space to install the Linux distribution in

More details and installation procedure available here - here

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