July 17, 2008

Get a FREE License key and Download for Wise-FTP 3.1.2

WISE-FTP is an FTP client - software which enables users to connect to any FTP server for the upload and download of files. Using WISE-FTP, file management is quick and easy, and no knowledge on how the FTP protocol works is required. This makes WISE-FTP an ideal tool for webmasters who update their sites regularly.
WISE-FTP can connect to any valid site without being bound to a specific server operating system. A broad spectrum of operating systems is supported, e. g. Windows, OS/2, and UNIX standards.
The basic features of WISE-FTP includes - Connecting to any FTP server, Searching through files and/or directories on the remote system, as well as on your local system, Moving or copying files or directories from your local system to the remote server, and vice versa, Saving connection settings, so that frequently used FTP servers are accessible with just one mouse click, Synchronizing content of directories on your local and remote system, so that, for example, your website is always up-to-date without having to copy individual files.Features of Wise-FTP 3.1
  • Secure authentification and file transfer (SFTP)
  • SOCKS proxy support
  • Clipboard monitoring
  • Configuration wizard that opens at first program start
  • Assignable short-cuts for actions
  • Change the size of icons in toolbar
  • Improvement of local explorer
  • Improvement of remote files editing
  • HTML Editor
  • Improvement of text editor
  • Export of server list to a csv file
  • Unidirectional folder synchronization: automatic alignment of source system and target system
  • Improved Scheduler: wildcards such as “*txt” can be used for up- and download
  • The date and time of a session is saved in the FTP log file
  • Several bug fixes
To get a FREE serial key, after installation run the program and click on ‘Activate now’ button and give your details like name, email etc and click on 'Get serial key' button. A valid product key will be sent to your mailbox.
Supports - Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista
File sise: 6.5MB / Download / Download
(Via – vnunet)

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