August 18, 2009

Flickroom - a desktop application for Flicker

Flickroom is an Adobe Air based desktop application for managing Flickr account. It acts just like a browser but gives a richer browsing experience and its dark theme ensures your photographs look even better than before.

You can receive instant notifications for any activity on your photostream, upload photos by just drag-and-drop, add comments, mark faves, add notes, tweet about your photos and also chat with other Flickroom users.

Following are some of the important features of this application:

- Upload multiple photographs by just dragging images from your desktop
- Pop-up notifications about activity on your photostream Comment, mark favorite, add notes
- Edit title, description and other metadata of your photographs
- Tweet about your photographs directly from the application
- See which of your photos are in Flickr Explore
- Search in photographs of current user or all Flickr users

The program is still in development and platform independent. In order to install this program Adobe Air runtime must be installed on your computer. More details and download from programs home page.

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