January 21, 2007

Data backup in Windows XP without a third party tool

Backup tool in widows XP:

For backup data in Windows XP without using a third party tool, the windows backup tool is a good option. Before starting, you need to reinstall the corresponding tool from the program CD to your Windows XP Home. You will find it under “VALUEADD\MSFT\ NTBACKUP\ NTBACKUP.MSI”. After installation, you can find the backup option by clicking on the Start menu and following the given directorial structure - “Accessories”> “system programs” >”backup”- in the program list. With the help of an assistant, you can either provide a backup for individual files, an entire disk drive or even the most important Windows system files. The backup can be time controlled and even incremental as you wish.

Partition tool in Widows XP:

It is more useful to use the Windows feature for the initial setup, considering that with Windows you can only create and delete partitions. To access “Computer Management”, go to “Start | Control panel | Administrative tools”. Click on “Data carrier administration” to open the partitioning option. Right click on the “Free storage location”, which is shown graphically in green. Select “New logical disk drive” to create a partition. In the object menu, a number of options like the following are given: “Change disk drive designator and disk drive path”, “Format” and “Delete logical disk drive”.

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