January 23, 2007

Features of Firefox add on Orkut Scrapper

Features of Firefox add on - Orkut scrapper

Link Access: Orkut Scrapper allows users to visit their friends' scrapbook and album or simply send them a quick email or teaser.

Shout box: Users can communicate to each other off the Orkut servers and onto a public shout box. Although not Google Talk, this is the next best alternative and the great thing about this is that users can choose whether they want a private shout box or simply use the public one.

Font Styles: Not only can users change the color of their fonts when scrapping friends they can also change the size as well. But the best feature is that it allows users to send messages using their favorite font styles, an option Google's blogger gave to users.

Translation Tools: Supports 10 Indian languages for scrapping. This is a feature desperately needed on Orkut (and very quick.) Although only translating India's main languages, this can be quite useful for those people whose first language is not English or Portuguese.

Secret Scraping: You can send messages to your friends that they (and only they) will be able to see simply by clicking the reply button with "the golden key." This is quite handy, especially since Google does not have privacy settings on user's scrapbooks.

Online Friend/Scrap Alerts: Orkut scrapper notifies you when your friends appear online or when you get a scrap.

There are other interesting features loike
: The ability to set an image as your background, The ability to view images or flash items (such as Google Video's) within Orkut, Live preview of your message before scrapping your friend Creating a signature for your scrap posts, Send a "heart message" using the text that you type toolbar with all shortcuts Auto login into Orkut. To download the extension, click here.

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