January 7, 2007

Privacy concious browser

Browzar is a free browser that uses the IE shell. A highlight is that it lest you surf with privacy: cookies or auto complete.

Braozar is a very small (264kb only); it comes as an executable that run solo! You can carry it around on a thumb drive and just start surfing sans privacy concerned. It is very light on system resources, and can there for be run on even very low –end systems.

Now for the disadvantages: Browzar can be excruciatingly slow on dial up connections due to the lack of cache. When you hit the forward or back buttons, pages needed to be pre loaded. It does not support right click, so you can not save images from web pages.

Browzar isn’t of course meant to be a replacement for the standard browsers; it is winning points are its portability and privacy.

Web site:www.browzar.com.

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