July 28, 2007

Audio ambience generating system

Sound Borb is an application that was designed to be an audio ambience generating system. The idea behind this is to create an easy to use system for playing back generative ambient music and sound created.

The generative nature of Sound Borb's audio engine means that once you hit play, the ambience you're listening to will never end.

No complicated adjustment are required. All parameters are kept to a minimum, so as to make Sound Borb easy to use. Just load an ambience, and start listening. You can adjust the overall volume, the intensity (how much activity is occurring in the sound), and the happiness of the ambience. Or you can set the intensity and happiness parameters to auto.

Various ambiences like Ocean, Virtual forest etc are available for download on the download page (with permission), and you can also create your own using the tool that also can be download.

File size is 18 Mb, no installation required, just unzip and run the program , select an ambience and listen to waves or walk through a deep forest...

To download the application and ambience visit from here.

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