July 29, 2007

Print large wall poster as big as your wall

If you want to print a large wall poster as big as your wall, naturally it is not possible with your A4 size printer. But, you can slice the image in to different A4 size parts and then stack them together to get a larger image, but the process is not as easy as it say.

Here is a simple solution. Just enter the site Blockposters.com, upload an image and select how many pages wide you want your image to be (Depending on your wall size). The site then cuts your image in to pieces and creates a PDF file that can be downloaded. The process is very fast and free.

Print out all images from the PDF file to make different parts of your image and combine them all to make a big wall poster.

The site allows a maximum of 1Mb file size to upload. So, if you want to upload larger image cut them in to pieces before upload.

If you like to make such a big wall paper just looks at the site from here.

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