July 31, 2007

Download Windows XP professional x64 bit - SP1

Vista has already been released, but most of us still use XP—and so, try out a 64 bit Windows XP . You can download a free 120 days version of Windows XP Professional x64 (SP1) from Microsoft. The version includes Media player 10, 64Bit and 32 Bit Internet explorer etc.

Microsoft offers this x64 bit Windows XP at no coast. You can download or order for a CD from Microsoft. After you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email with a link to download page and an activation key.

To minimize compatibility problem Microsoft also provides a 64 bit wow emulator that enables you to run some 32bit application on 64 bit computer.
The download file size is 558.165 Mb and will be in ISO format (you must be burned to a CD/DVD before install)

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