August 14, 2007

Mr. Uptime watches Web Sites when they are go down

Have you ever tried accessing a website and it didn’t respond? Install Mr. Uptime which is an extension to your Firefox browser that will keep trying to reach the website in the background while you continue surfing on other websites. When the website is accessible again, Mr Uptime will let you know. You can also use Mr Uptime when a website responds but doesn’t load correctly.

Mr Uptime watches when the server status code changes from an error to OK. It checks the websites on every 5 minutes for the first 60 minutes. Every 10 minutes for the next 120 minutes. Every 15 minutes for the next 180 minutes. Every 30 minutes for the next 240 minutes or every 60 minutes after that.

You can set how long you want to keep checking a website. After this time it will be removed from the watch list even if it hasn’t become available

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