November 12, 2007

Access Yahoo! Mail with Outlook Express

Accessing and sending email through an email client like Outlook Express or Thunderbird is quite easy, because you needn’t go through many browser windows and log-in procedure to open your mail account.

If you want to access your Yahoo mail through a POP3 email client, here is a simple solution. YPOPs! is an application offering a free solution to manage your Yahoo! mail account. YPOPs! emulates POP3/SMTP mail server and provides a free POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail account.

Download the application from (Windows/ Linux – 1.5Mb size) and install it. From the configuration window, you will be able to modify settings like receiving and sending email, proxies values, activity log and more.

If you have any difficulty left all settings as default. For security reason, un check the bulk mail folder. If you want to send mail through your yahoo mail account, SMTP should enabled. If you connect the internet through a Proxy server, HTTP proxies should be specified.

You can use any mail client like Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail, Outlook Express 6, Opera M2 or any of your choice. Full details here.

Outlook Express 6.0 Configurations:

>From Tools menu – select ‘Accounts’ – ‘Add’- ‘mail’.

>Your name - Yahoo! email address

>POP3 as server type - Enter '' for incoming and out going mail server

> Your email addresses ( and password and click finish.

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