January 18, 2008

Dimmer effect for Windows

Mac OS X users may already familiar with ‘dimmer effect’ called ‘Expose’, automatically darkens all inactive window on desktop, so we have better focus on the active window. It helps us to focus on a program or a video to concentrate without windows can be in the background, too distracted. The same effects can also being applied to Windows.

Currently there are two free applications available namely Jedi Concentrate and Ghoster.

Jedi Concentrate allows us to dimming the desktop, with the exception of the active window at the push of a button (WIN + J). With a click outside of the active tasks will be returned to the familiar desktop without Dim effect

The updated version of Jedi Concentrate with a fade effect can be downloaded from here

Ghoster is also in the same category. With this software you can hides all non-permanent active windows. Right-clicking in the System tray can terminate the program at any time. You can download this application from Donationcoder

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