April 18, 2008

FlickrEdit – Full access to your Flickr account

FlickrEdit is a Java Desktop application that allows you to display and edit your photos in a variety of ways. With this utility you are able to organize, modify, download/backup or upload your photos to and from Flickr. It is similar to official Flickr Uploader but with a main difference that you may back up the image locally by tags, title, labels or favorites.Following are the features of this application:
  • Display your Flickr Photos and Sets
  • Display your Not in Set, Recent, Favorites, Contacts and Group photos
  • Search photos based on date and tag
  • Backup your Flickr Photos and Sets
  • Backup Title, Description, Tags, and Copyright and store them into the IPTC header of the images.
  • Upload new photos to Flickr (including asynchronous upload)
  • Edit Photo and Set info, add comments to Photos and Sets
    Rotate photos
  • Delete photos or Sets
  • View a photo or selected photos slideshow
  • Switch between multiple Flickr users
Download / source

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