April 23, 2007

Firefox extension - CustomizeGoogle

CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that modifies a few Google services in a useful way. It enhances Google search results by adding extra information like links to Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN etc and removing unwanted information like ads and spam. You can use Google Suggest (suggest words while you are typing) with this plug-in

Features of Customize Google

*Use Google Suggest (suggest words while you're typing)

*Rewrite links to point straight to the images in Google Images

*Removes image copying restrictions in Google Book Search

*Secure Gmail and Google Calendar, switch to https

*Block Google Analytics cookies

*Hide the Gmail spam counter

*Remove ads

*Add a result counter in search result

*Filter spammy websites from search results

*Add links from Google to your bookmark manager

*Stream Google search result pages

CustomizeGoogle feature saves you from the hassle of paging through Google web search results. Whenever you navigate to the end of the page, you don’t have to hit the next button. CustomizeGoogle automatically fetches next set of results and appends them to the bottom of the page. It is very easy to configure. After installation, select Tool menu (Firefox) and select ‘Customize Google Options’. From here you can select what you need.

Install from Mozilla add on

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